Honoring the imagination all around us

On Friday evening, join us in celebrating the 10 Hippo Awards recipients, created in honor of the innovation of our founder, George Washington.

  1. Student AwardAwarded to the student who presents the greatest engagement in the imaginative process of entrepreneurial education and action.
  2. Young Alumni AwardAwarded to a recent GWU graduate who, since graduation, has shown exceptional dedication to their personal advancement as well as the advancement of their entrepreneurial venture.
  3. Imagine Award Awarded to the attendee who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to initiating imaginative projections through their meaningful work in the world.
  4. Student Group AwardAwarded to honor the student group who has initiated their imaginative reflections in hopes of creating a more equitable and just world.
  5. Art Award | Awarded to the student who has shown exceptional effort in engaging their imagination and creativity to create art that both reflects and contributes to our community in a meaningful way.
  6. Community Impact AwardAwarded to the student who has proven their dedication to projects and policies that uplift our community, spreading inspiration and positivity to faculty, peers, and community members at large.
  7. Lifetime Achievement AwardAwarded to the attendee whose achievements are exemplary of their incredibly hard work and remarkable contribution to George Washington University.
  8. Humane Entrepreneurship AwardAwarded to the entrepreneur who has shown their commitment to humane entrepreneurial practices, working towards a brighter future for our community, country, and world as a whole.
  9. Female Impact AwardAwarded to the attendee who has demonstrated their devotion to empowering women in the entrepreneurial world.
  10. Minority Impact AwardAwarded to the attendee who, with great determination and dignity, takes action to positively impact minority groups in entrepreneurship.

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October 22, 2021